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Overall Solutions For The Shipbuilding Industry
The shipbuilding industry is mainly based on steel plate raw materials, and the use of laser cutting plate materials greatly shortens the production cycle and reduces costs compared with the previous processing technology of punching machines. After using the laser cutting machine to cut off the assembly allowance, the phenomenon of on-site trimming is eliminated, labor and material waste are reduced, the frame assembly speed is significantly accelerated, and the assembly quality is significantly improved.
Laser Cutting Of Airbag Flexible Material
Application solution of airbag flexible material laser cutting, In European and American developed countries, 50% - 70% of auto parts are processed by laser in the automotive industry, which is mainly used for welding and cutting.

With the synchronous improvement of vehicle sales and airbag allocation rate, the future development of airbag market is worth looking forward to.
Application Of Laser Marking On Auto Parts
Application solution of laser marking for auto parts, The main advantage of using laser for auto parts marking is that it is a fast, programmable and non-contact process.

Its process is long-lasting and is usually not affected by the steps required in the production process or the harsh field environment.

Of course, it also has disadvantages, such as high initial cost of laser marking equipment and insufficient contrast of marking in some applications.
Automotive Metal Laser Cutting
The BIW flexible laser cutting and welding system covers flexible top cover laser welding, flexible side wall laser welding, flexible rear cover laser welding, flexible floor laser welding and flexible door laser welding.

The whole welding process solution covers gluing technology, edging technology, BIW Welding fixture and welding line conveying technology.

For the laser application of the whole vehicle, cooperate with 30 + manufacturers of the whole vehicle and 150 + off-line models, and provide mature laser welding system according to the needs of users.
Appreciation Of Craft Video
Baiwei laser is a professional, efficient and reliable processing solution for sheet metal processing industry
Application video appreciation of laser technology in metal cutting
Application video appreciation of laser technology in metal cutting
Application video appreciation of laser technology in metal cutting
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