Baiwei BW series flexible bending center

BW-1400X series sheet metal bending machine is a new generation of automatic bending solution, and it is the benchmark for the sheet metal processing industry to upgrade to automation. It can significantly reduce labor costs, and at the same time, compared with traditional bending machines, the efficiency is increased by 300%, and each bending time is 0.2 seconds. All-electric servo drive plus closed-loop bus control for higher precision.
Fastest bending speed: 0.2second/shot
Maximum bending width: 1400mm
Bending height: 170mm(can be customized)
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Baiwei BW series flexible bending center
Product Description
High-grade casting bed
The whole machine is designed and produced in accordance with the standards of high-precision machine tools. The main bed adopts high-grade castings. The castings and welding parts have undergone strict stress relief processing. Long-term operation accuracy, stability and high rigidity.
The core frame of the equipment adopts high-grade QT500-7 and gray iron 250 castings, and the label of the outgoing castings needs to be measured by a testing instrument. The frame has undergone precise finite element stress analysis and adopts a stable triangular interconnection design to effectively ensure the stability under high-tonnage impact.
High-grade casting bed
Equipment appearance size chart
The casting and welding support table adopts a high-precision temperature control furnace, and performs multiple tempering, annealing and other heat treatment processes according to the temperature curve corresponding to the material, and then performs a long-term full-frequency vibration aging treatment to release the internal stress of the work piece and ensure long-term use Not deformed.
Different fixtures are designed for different work pieces, and high-precision multi-axis machining centers are used to finish machining the work pieces to ensure the consistency of accuracy before and after clamping.
Using high-precision micrometer U-meter, with high-stability marble platform and marble square ruler, accurate measurement of work pieces, strict control of the processing quality of each work piece, layer by layer, to ensure that the assembly accuracy of the whole machine meets the standards of high-precision machine tools.
Equipment appearance size chart
Real folding work piece forming display
Baiwei flexible bending center bending sheet metal bending does not require molds, and can bend various complex shapes. It can be folded in various combinations of complex shapes such as right angles, non-right angles, arcs, folds up and down, and is used in the field of metal forming of different work-pieces in different industries.
Real folding work piece forming display
Cooperation field
BaiweiI intelligent flexible bending center can be widely used in sheet metal bending of various types of metal sheets, including file cabinet bending, electrical cabinet bending, kitchen utensil bending, metal furniture bending, metal decorative bending, fire ventilation metal Bending of parts, bending of shells in refrigeration fields.
such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, bending of elevator sheet metal, bending of auto parts, bending of metal doors and windows, etc...It can easily realize the bending
requirements of circular arc, dead edge, return type, closed type and other complex types of
sheet metal.
Cooperation field
BW-1400X technical specification
Fastest bending speed 0.2second/shot
Maximum bending width 1400mm
Bending height 170mm(can be customized)
Rated voltage 380V
Peak power 18KW
Average power 1.8KW
Noise 50 decibel
Dimensions L: 440cm * W:190cm * H:290cm
Total weight 12 tons
Maximum bending thickness (Standard Edition)
     Thickness can be customized
UTS 515N/mm2 201 stainless steel 0.8mm
   UTS 520N/mm2 304 stainless steel 1.0mm
   UTS 410N/mm2 Cold plate 1.2mm
   UTS 265N/mm2 Aluminium plate 1.6mm
Model and Configuration
Model Bend width Bending height Configuration
BW-1400X Suction Type 9-axis linkage 1400mm 1400mm 1.CNC control system BAIWEI
2.serve motor BAIWEI
3.Ball screw Nanjing Technology
BW-1400P Pressure arm type 13-axis linkage 1400mm 1400mm 4.Bearing Japan NSK or NACHI
5.Track Nanjing Technology
6.Machine frame BAIWEI
BW-2000X Suction Type 9-axis linkage 2000mm 2000mm 7.Up-down bending knife BAIWEI
8.Sucker AIRBEST
9.Pneumatic accessories Japan SMC、 Taiwan Airtac
BW-2000P Pressure arm type 13-axis linkage 1250mm 2000mm 10.Electrical components Schneider,French
11.Coupling Taikeman
12.Oil circuit system Yuxiang,Taiwan
BW-2500X Suction Type 9-axis linkage 2500mm 2500mm    
BW-2500P Pressure arm type 13-axis linkage 1250mm 2500mm    
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