Uncoiling blanking production line

The laser uncoiling blanking flexible production line is based on the theme of smart factory and smart manufacturing, and the core idea is the organic integration of informatization and industrialization. The feeding, transmission, cutting and unloading of roll materials are all automated, which fully guarantees the high quality, high efficiency and saving human resources of material processing.Coil laser cutting flexible manufacturing technology is to realize the new technology and development trend of smart factories, and it also integrates intelligent machinery and people. It not only flexible and efficient production, but also shortens the production cycle of enterprise orders, and makes enterprises more competitiveness in market.
Output Power: 3000W/6000W
Model: BW-G3015
Table Length: 3m*1.5m
Uncoiling blanking production line
Uncoiling blanking production line
Uncoiling blanking production line
Uncoiling blanking production line
Uncoiling blanking production line
Uncoiling blanking production line
Cutting thickness Carbon steel:0.5mm-12mm
Stainless steel:0.5mm-6mm
Cutting speed 45M/min-0.5M/min
Materials Carbon steel, stainless steel,Galvanized sheet
Laser cutting positioning accuracy 0.05mm/m
Laser cutting repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Cutting width ≤1500mm
Cutting length ≤3000mm
Discharge platform ≤3000mm
Feeding mode Roller feeding
Feeding speed ≤16m/min
Material weight ≤10T
Material width ≤1500mm


No. Name Number Note
1 Cutting unit machine 1 set Baiwei design
2 Laser source 1 set China Raycus
3 Laser cutting head 1 set Baiwei customized
4 Precision helical rack 3 set YYC
5 Precision planetary reducer 3 set Shimpo
6 Transmission parts rolling guide 3 set HIWIN
7 Production line laser cutting system 1 set Cypcut
8 Servo motor 4 set Fuji
9 Hanli Water Chiller 1 set Hanli
10 Exhaust device 1 set Made in China
11 Electrical system 1 set  Schneider
12 Product appearance 1 set closed type with cover
13 Wire drag chain cable 1 set Made in China
14 Automatic oiling system 1 set Made in China
15 Pneumatic solenoid valve 1 set SMC,Japan
16 Rack 1 set Width1500mm-10T
17 Loading trolley 1 set Hydraulic automatic-10T
18 Leveling structure 1 set 15 rolls/1500mm
19 supporting structure 1 set Carbon steel support
20 Feeding unit 1 set Servo
21 Discharge platform 1 set Servo
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