BWP-170T/3200 Electro-hydraulic Servo Bending Machine

The BWP series CNC bending machine was developed by BAIWEI Laser that focuses on high-precision sheet metal bending. Machine tool design combines advanced bending technology and comprehensive professional knowledge, focusing on improving bending efficiency and accuracy, reducing waste, and possessing ultra-high cost-effectiveness. The BWP series CNC bending machine is compact, practical, and has higher stability. It’s the best choice for you to engage in batch processing and increase production capacity.
Nominal pressure: 1700KN
Length of workbench: 3200mm
Throat depth: 300-600mm
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine
Product Description
Characteristic of BWP Series Press Brake
◆ Unique design and complete machine rigidity verification, while improving the processing range, ensure extremely high stability for long-term use;
◆ The high-frequency closed-loop hydraulic control technology has faster speed, higher efficiency, and more stable accuracy;
◆ CNC controlled mechanical deflection compensation technology ensures the consistency of bending processing;
◆ High-speed, high-precision, and highly reliable rear positioning system.
◆ Ultra high cost-effectiveness, fast investment return
Characteristic of BWP Series Press Brake
Main structure of equipment
This machine has high labor productivity and high work accuracy for bending metal sheets, and adopts different methods;
The upper and lower molds of different shapes can fold work pieces into different shapes, and the slider stroke can perform one operation on the sheet metal
After several times of bending, the work piece with complex shape can be folded. This equipment use advanced technology to achieve reliable performance,it’s one of the ideal bending tools.
1.Electrical system
1)The machine tool adopts a 380V, three-phase four wire power supply.
2) Electrical and electronic components and materials comply with national standards.
3) The main circuit of the motor is equipped with short circuit, overload, and phase loss protection.
4) There is a power outage device between the electrical box door and the cabinet to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
Main structure of equipment
Hydraulic system, synchronization technology, and compensation technology
1) Hydraulic system
Driven by a proportional servo valve from German Dr. Rexroth, it can achieve extremely high synchronization control accuracy. Integrated hydraulic control system, simplified pipeline, anti stop leakage, improve the stability of machine tool operation, and also make the appearance more concise and beautiful.We use internal gear pumps ensures low overall system noise and long using time.
2) Synchronization
The bending machine adopts electro-hydraulic servo control technology for synchronization, and the position of the slider is determined by the gratings on both sides,the ruler is fed back to the CNC system, and then the CNC system controls the opening size of the same or different parts control the synchronous operation of the sliding blocks (Y1, Y2) by adjusting the amount of oil entering the oil cylinder,always maintain a parallel state to the workbench.The CNC system works according to the bending machine's sheet metal art state, automatic control of workbench deflection compensation to achieve the full length angle of the work piece.A uniform and consistent effect.
3) Compensation technique
Automatic deflection compensation system to overcome the impact of slider deformation on workpiece quality during operation ,The impact ensures good straightness and bending angle of the processed workpiece.Deflection compensation is composed of a set of inclined iron installed in the lower worktable, which can enable the ideal curve of relative movement of the workbench and convex stroke ensures that it is aligned with the slider after being subjected to force the relative position of the remains unchanged, and the compensation amount is determined by the CNC system based on automatic calculation and determination of plate thickness, mold opening, and material characteristics.
Hydraulic system, synchronization technology, and compensation technology
Machine Structure
1) Machine frame
▶ Beautiful appearance design. 
▶ The main components are carried out using the world-renowned finite element software ANSYS finite element analysis and optimization design. 
▶ The overall steel plate welding structure has strong rigidity. 
▶ Using natural aging and vibration to eliminate internal stress treatment
▶ Remove rust from structural components and spray with anti rust paint.
▶ The column and lower workbench of the machine tool are disposable using a large floor type boring and milling machine processed and formed, ensuring the parallelism, verticality, and parallelism of each installation surface degrees
▶ Upward moving bending design ensures smooth operation, convenient operation, and safety. 
▶ The slider is processed from a whole steel plate and fixed together with two oil cylinders through a connecting shaft.
▶Under the joint action of the hydraulic system and electrical system, the sliding block can achieve fast down, slow down, work progress, pressure maintaining, delay a series of actions for unloading and returning.
Machine Structure
Machine Structure
3)Front support material and rear support material
▶ The front support device is installed on the workbench and its position can be manually adjusted section.
▶ The rear stopper is fixed at the back of the workbench and calibrated through the electrical system accurate and fast positioning.
▶ The rear stopper is driven by a ball screw, guided by a linear guide rail, and the transmission is flat stable and with high adjustment accuracy.

4) Equipment anti bias load
The electro-hydraulic servo system of this machine is a position control system that uses light, the grid ruler dynamically detects the synchronization error of the slider, and corrects the synchronization error of the slider by giving an electro-hydraulic servo valve signal to the CNC system,step error ensures that the slider can always remain parallel to the workbench under complete bias load.
Machine Structure
No. Name Value Unit Note
1 Nominal Pressure 1700 KN  
2 Worktable length 3200 mm  
3 Column distance 2100 mm  
4 Depth of throat 320 mm  
5 Max open height between worktable and slide stroke 400 mm  
6 Slide stroke 140 mm  
7 Axis 3+1   Mechanical compensation
8 The height of the workbench above the ground 850 mm Excluding lower mold
9 Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system 22 MPa  
10 Main motor Y132S-4   1440r/min   5.5kw
11 Slide stroke speed carrying idler 130 mm/s  
Operation 12 mm/s  
Return speed 120 mm/s  
12 Gear pump Model HG0-10-01R-VPC    
flow 10 ml/r  
Pressure 32 MPa  
13 Dimension Length 3850 mm  
Width 2250 mm Excluding front stripping
Height 2850 mm  
Note: Y1, Y2 axis - controlling slider movement; 
X-axis - controls the forward and backward movement of the rear stopper; 
V-axis - automatic hydraulic deflection compensation for the workbench.
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