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Interpretation of the new technology of Baiwei laser beveling cutting

Release Time:2022-05-08
Bevel cutting of sheet and pipe is the latest technology in the laser cutting machine industry, which is widely used in shipbuilding, construction machinery and other industries.
Baiwei laser bevel cutting machine can directly cut the bevel at the critical edge when facing the sheet metal material that needs to be used for welding, which is equivalent to reducing one process and saving time and labor costs.
Bevel cutting technology requires that in a complete workpiece cutting, the cutting height, knife gap compensation, knife edge offset compensation, feed speed, and corner overshoot should be adjusted in real time with the change of the bevel angle to achieve the correct cutting size, Bevel angle and satisfactory surface quality.

Baiwei groove cutting has the following characteristics

360° infinite rotation
• With automatic infinite rotation structure, 360° bevel cutting can be realized
• It can complete the control of different shapes of bevel cutting trajectory
• Precise control of cutting angle and cutting precision   

±45° swing cutting
• The yaw angle of the cutting head can reach ±45
• Autofocus during cutting

One-time cutting
•  It supports cutting various grooves such as K-shaped, X-shaped, positive Y-shaped, negative Y-shaped, V-shaped, and A-shaped. It can be directly cut and formed at one time. It can process grooves with complex curve contours, greatly reduce the process and improve the efficiency of sheet metal processing. 

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